March 30, 2012

Project Life Week 10, 2012

Back today with Week 10 of my Project Life pages. For this week I made a few changes and I immediately knew that this week would come together quicker than usual. I did two things that made a huge difference: I used 10 photos this time instead of 15-20 like I've been using lately and I used more 4 x 6 photos instead of a bunch of smaller ones. These two things were huge time savers all the way from the time it took to print my photos to the time it took to journal & fill up the inserts. I think I can definitely find solutions to spending less time on my pages when life gets busy. Again, thank you for all the nice comments left on yesterday's post. It's good to know that we have other friends who need a little help too.

Okay, I must apologize for the somewhat washed out photos. Not the look I was going for but unfortunately my big camera is on it's last leg. But none the less, I'll run you through this week.
Here's my 2 page spread. Lots of aqua, yellows and that weird yellow-y chartreuse color that I love so much.
The left page. You'll notice this week that I used a lot of tags from my shop which made for very quick and easy accents. I also reached for a My Mind's Eye stamp set called Favorite Stamps from the Miss Caroline collection to add some color & design to my 3 x 4 inserts. Just one little stamp set can do wonders for adding the smallest of details.
The right page. I already love how the spread looks more clean and simple by using the larger 4 x 6 photos.
This is my main dated insert. I included a photo of myself which you don't see much of in my layouts. This week I chose a few inserts to get really creative with. I really love the tag accents. I used a Printed Hang Tag and a White Garment Tag. With just a little journaling, a yo yo from my last Studio Calico kit + some stamping from the MME set, this came together really quickly. I tucked the tags under a strip of patterned paper which has the dates for this week. That new gold Washi tape from 2 peas adds just a shimmery touch. A little tip for the tag strings: Give them a twist to create a loop then staple the loop with the Tiny Attacher.
On to the 3 x 4 inserts. I used all Project Life core kit cards or the plain, grid Project Life cards as bases this week. Again, quick and easy to build upon. On the left I used a flower stamp from the MME stamp set. On the right I added a photo of Jordan with wild hair + some sticker letters.
Here I used the quoted stamp from Studio Calico + some Hero Arts letter stamps. On the right I added a strip of patterned paper, a Crate border sticker from my Studio Calico kit + more sticker letters.
A few simple sticker letters + a typed Grid Label on the 4 x 6 photo.
Here I had 2 photos of some meals we had this week. I love to include meal time in our Project Life as that is where we sit together each night and talk about our days.
Two of my favorite 3 x 4 inserts. The one on the left was a fun collage of sorts, referring to the 4 x 6 photos of my shimmer paints. I used a flower border sticker from Crate Paper, some artsy stickers from Cosmo Cricket, various chipboard letters and a fun tag from Banana Fish Studios. I loved getting creative with that insert. On the right I used more of that quirky stripe paper, machine stitching, and another strip of the Crate border sticker. I used just a handful of elements over and over again this week. Limiting my supplies also helped reduce the time I spent on this week's layout. I also used a Rectangle Hang Tag stamped with a wood grain pattern from the MME stamp set. The painted chipboard is from my chipboard butterflies that got a paint make over.
Two more 3 x 4 inserts. More sticker letters and a music sheet brad were added to a Project Life card on the left. On the right is another one of my favorite inserts. I stamped the edge with the MME stamp set + added a few letter stickers. For the notched flags that I stitched on I used a scrap of the striped paper that I cut with my scissors. The top layer is a Small White Tag that I notched with my scissors and then added a sticker to. Love that look and will be using that again.
And my last 4 x 6 insert using a Diptic collage. See my page on the left side bar for a blog post on how to create these. The base is a 4 x 6 stamped piece from a previous shop kit. I stamped a flower and then added a snippet of the cork sticker border + added the little Studio Calico wood house.
A very fun week to work on. I have 3 weeks to catch up on so I'm hoping to squeeze in some time over the weekend to get at least 2 more weeks done. We'll see how that goes!

I'm off to get a new kit uploaded to the shop today. Very cute and springy and I have lots of samples to blog soon. Then I'm off to Josey's first track meet this afternoon. She's SO nervous and excited she can hardly contain herself. Looks like a beautiful day is in store too so that's a bonus! Have a great weekend, friends.


crschaf said...

Just want to say your PL is THE BOMB but know it is because you have chosen PL as a priority in your life and have taken the time you want to take to make it what works and is pleasurable toYOU. I personally feel if I try to compare my work to yours or anyone else's I tend to feel it never measures up. You and many others are what I consider PROFESSIONAL DESIGNERS who have spent years ,education,significant money ,careers,etc. on your skills! So with that said,I do not try to measure my happiness or success with a layout,PL page,card or whatever against anyone who has been in this business professionally or just has so many years of experience on me. WE are SO FORTUNATE to be able to receive your advice,instruction and sharing of your work FREE OF CHARGE it blows my mind how giving you are of your time and talents. Also just wanted to throw an idea out there. I am using my PL to add layouts as I want to instead of every week. Keeping up on a weekly/daily basis seemed WAY TOO MUCH pressure for me. I just date the layout when it happens as if I were just adding pictures to a photo album. This way I have more time to do it like I want and use the ideas Mish and others have shared, without the pressure of feeling like I didn't get this or that week done. Yes, sometimes there will be weeks in a row things happen but I can take more time to work on them because of the weeks I am not scraping just everyday life. Not that I think it is wrong to do PL weekly or daily just that it works easier for me and again takes the pressure off. Any way you do it just remember there is no right and no wrong to PL!

debbie said...

I love your blog and am a regular reader. I am on my 3rd year of using project life. It has served me well. Each year I have used it differently, and I love that I have a sweet record of our lives. I love your style. I enjoy looking at your layouts. This weeks I think is one of the best. As you stated, the 4x6 photos are easier to see and you do get a better photo story. Please keep it up. And keep enjoying your PL. It is a great way to document and also serves to get our creative needs met.

lisa truesdell said...

LOVE this. gorgeous colors, so much fun stuff. where's the do what makes you happy tag from??

listgirl said...

Awesome to see your more simplified spread! Although, your simplified is still quite scrappy for me, LOL. I love everything you did and just adore how you put it together.

V said...

I notice that so many people are put off PL as they think it has to be completed on a week by week basis.

I love PL but I just print any photo that I want to include, collect them and any memorabilia in a basket on my desk and make pages as and when I want to. I don't try to produce weekly spreads or coordinate pages, I date my pictures and insert them in a generally chronological order, I may put in a monthly title when I get to a new month but there is no reference to weeks. Some weeks have very little but others have lots going on so moving away from this artificial time restriction lets me include what I want, when I want and removes the stress of keeping up each week! Just my 2cents worth :)

kerry said...

Just wanted to say that I have enjoyed looking and reading through another fantastic week of your PL!
You do a great job no matter what format you use, lots of scrap or less! Isn't it great to mix it up anyway? My PL album is coming along fine although I have given up on the idea of trying to co-ordinate all my colours and added bits and pieces, now I just go with whatever I feel like at the time, and it is working for me. I now look back on the 3 months that I have done and could not be happier with the results. Thanks Mish for inspiring me to give this a go, otherwise I would never have done it!

Busygirl said...

I've been following your blog for a long time and thought I'd drop in to say hi. Love your pl layouts, especially the color palette, and all the tips you share!

Carol said...

I'm doing PL for the very first time. I'm loving it so far. Even though there is only my Husband and Myself at home now there still seems to be lots going on. I love to read your blog and gain inspiration on how to make my weeks go from looking ordinary to looking special. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your PL with us. I for one truly appreciate it :-)

Anonymous said...

love your PL spreads.

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