March 24, 2012

Organizing Your Stash...Day 2

Hi there, taking a little break from a great, sun shiney day to post Day 2 of my organizing. I'll be answering some of those questions from Day 1 soon when I get a little bit more time. If you recall from my previous post, I was talking about visual organization....being able to see your stash of products out in the open while you work.

I've shown my way of organizing my Washi tape in this post, but I've since added more to my collection.....and it's so popular right now....I thought it was worth repeating. These are some newest additions to my Washi stash.
I really love to use vintage receipt spikes to hold 7-8 rolls of tape. I just stack on the tape rolls in no particular order.
Then they all nestle in the top of my Pottery Barn 3 tiered, galvanized unit. I love that I can see them and just pull out a bunch at a time. I'm afraid that my Washi stash is outgrowing this method though. I might have to resort to a cute milk glass dish or something like that to hold more. And I've noticed that the price of the receipt spikes has nearly doubled or tripled since I first found mine. Bummer. How do you store your tapes, I'd love to hear?
Up next is a big ole stash of Elle's Studio journaling cards. Again, adorable packaging but I need to be able to sift through all the cute cards.
I tore all the pieces out of the plastic packaging and sorted them by like item and size.
I used small clothespins to clip all the groupings together and then tucked them into a vintage loaf pan. Now I can easily flip through the journaling cards and pull out a grouping I like.
And that's it for today. If you've got a great way to organize your tapes, journaling cards or other supplies please link me up in the comments section. I loved reading your posts from last time. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day! I'm off to finish an assignment and then it's back outdoors for me. :)


Karen said...

Great tips - thanks for sharing :)
Where do you get your lovely washi tape - do you get it from several different places??

Terri said...

I was wondering also where you get your Washi tape. I am looking for some for a teacher appreciation project. Thanks. said...

such a good washi tape storage idea!

Chelsea said...

all of that washi tape is yummy!

WinterBerry Glen said...

I love looking at your organizing tips. With spring here, i am in the mood to do some reorganizing of the craft area.

I really like the tip about the notecards in the loaf pan. I never know how to organize those things and so they sit in a pile in a photo box. no bueno! :)

Candy said...

I have a little green receipt spike sitting empty on the shelf--NO More!!! Great idea. You have inspired me, this is Day 2 of my craft room clean up

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