August 9, 2011

Road Trip Mini list

It's road trip time and you want to take along your Road Trip Album. You've got lots of pages added + the embellishments are ready to be added. So what do you take along for supplies and tools? Part of that depends on what you really feel you'll be able to accomplish with your album on your trip. Part of it depends on how much space you have. Just like packing for any other trip, taking a minimalist approach is best. But since I've never been very good at that, I'll show you what I may or may not have packed to take. ;)

Mini alphabet stamps. If feasible I would carry these with me everywhere. I would sign my checks with them. Sign my signature with them. I love them that much. These are from Hero Arts, my favorites. A date stamp is great for adding the dates below photos, to tags, journaling blocks, etc. If all you're able to do is jot down some notes on sticky notes, stamp the date and stick them to a page. At least you'll be able to keep the days straight. Be sure to take along an ink pad. I like a basic black pad.
Cutting tools. Since taking the big paper trimmer is not in the plan, take along a small pair of scissors to trim brochures, tags, ribbons, etc. Hole punches are nice so that you can add items to your album which uses the metal binder rings. A corner rounder can be used to add some detail to pages, tags, brochures, business cards + more. Circle punches are a fun and easy way to add accents to your pages and tags. You may want to punch out a certain part of a photo or brochure or menu and just add a little snippet instead of a large item to your album.
Writing tools + more. Journaling pens and Sharpies to keep track of all your memories, stories, places visited, etc. Cotton twine is also nice to tie on tags. Small clothespins can hold little items in place before they get adhered. A pack of sticky notes is a good idea for taking notes and marking pages.
Adhering stuff. A basic tape runner with a new refill is a must. My Tiny Tim stapler will be right by my side for adding in quick items. Washi tape is functional and decorative, a big bonus. One roll would do well, eight rolls would be splendid!
Transporting. It's a good idea to have all your little embellishments + tags tucked away safely. I tucked all my goodies into clear card sleeves that have adhesive flaps. Now this is a lot of stuff, definitely more than needed for one road trip. But I've collected items from both of the road trip albums I offered up in my Etsy shop + more of my own personal stash. I'll have lots of goodies for future road trips too.
More packaging. Probably a good idea to package inks and anything liquid separately just in case altitude changes or temperatures cause lids to pop open. I also packaged my basic tools like pens and scissors and sticky notes in a card box for easy reach.
That's a lot of stuff. If you want the bare basics, you can always take a small pencil case with just scissors and adhesive. It's all up to you. Stay tuned tomorrow as I show you how to pack it all up. I have a special find that excited to share with you!


Linda said...

*sigh* even your post-it notes are adorable.

where do you get your washi tape from? I love your selection :)

gorgeous as always mich!! Can't wait to see it all done!

Kristy Hansen said...

perfect! Now you will be able to work at a moment's notice. Ksh

karen b said...

I have so enjoyed your posts! We are planning a bit of a road trip this fall and I think I will make up an album to take along.

Hope you all had a wonderful time on the trip! Just doesn't get any better than family time!

Ellie A. said...

Having so much fun putting my album together since we've been doing 1-2 road trips I adding all of them. Love your ideas and SIL wanted to keep my stash I said OH NO Buddy all mine! :)

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