August 7, 2011

Road Trip Mini Album....more altered items from the kit

Hi there, hope you are enjoying my road trip posts this week. Today I'm back with a few more altered items from my road trip kits. I reached for a lot of my parcel tags from Etsy shop for my own personal kit + there are lots in the kits that were sold. They make the easiest journaling pieces. I altered these with stamped journaling lines...I think the girls will find it easier to write on lines than total freehand in case they join in on the fun....also some added stickers, Washi tape (my new love) and carnival tickets. I threw some cotton twine into my road trip box so that I could easily add the tags to the album. I could also attach them to pages with tiny staples, more Washi tape, regular adhesive or simply add them to a ring of the album.
Here I used some machine stitching to fancy up a few of the stamped tags from the kits. A little flower sticker cut in half + a punched circle from a map + a little Washi tape never hurt anyone. :) kept the tags simple but was able to add a little embellishment here and there. We are crafters after's our job to fancy things up. I also added a few little strips of cardstock to the road rip sign. Great place for a little title, a date, etc.
And here's the piece of clear cardstock that came with the kits. I stitched on two layered circles and that was it. I think clear cardstock is such a fun piece to add to my journal kits. You just never know what's going to end up on piece. I wonder what special little memory item will make its way onto mine? A photo? A receipt? A pretty portion of a menu? Who knows? Remember, you can also use paint and rub-ons and stitching to these clear sheets too. Lots of fun possibilities.
So what fun things will you do to alter your kit items? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Be sure to leave links to photos in the comments section.

Love the thought of creating more mini albums? I'll be adding the basic supplies to my Etsy shop soon.:)


Susi said...

Loving the Road Trip post. Thamks for sharing your tips. I plan to make myself an album someday soon.

Diana F. said...

I am spray painting your small clothes pins a light blue color and covering them with map paper. I cut a couple of small strips from the map paper included in your kit. LOVE the look.
I am really enjoying all your ideas. I am really excited about the idea of you carrying items in your shop we could use for a travel journal. Thank you for the continued inspiration.

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