February 7, 2011

Monday happenings:

Facebook: Lots of you are requesting me to be a friend on my personal Facebook page. Please know that I am not ignoring your requests. If you are a Mish Mash follower, you will need to click on the Facebook link at the left. That should take you to my fan page where you can simply hit *Like* to follow me. On my Facebook Fan page, I posts Etsy shop updates, post my blog post links, sometimes start up fun little conversations and even post recipes not seen here on the blog. I'd love to have you join me. :)

Update: The Yo Yo's are all sold out now. Thanks so much for shopping with me today. I have a note to my mom that goes like this......*Mom, need more Yo Yo's*. Reminds me of the commercial where the wife yells out *Need more Calgon*. Ancient Chinese Secret, eh?

More Yo Yo sets just added to my Etsy shop. Plus stay tuned this week for a darling little addition coming to my shop this week....plus lots of little card embellishments. Oh so cute and lovable.


Kim H. said...

I am so bummed I missed them again! I have to check my email more often!!! :) Your Mom did an amazing job again! They are beautiful!

ori-jen-alchaos said...

Seriously???? Are people like stalking your etsy? I check your blog everyday and I can never get any of the new shop stuff, especially the kits or yo-yos. :( Still love seeing pics of them tho! Keep posting all these wonderful things, I love to read about them and ohhh and ahhhh over your photos!


Anonymous said...

Michelle, I can tell we grew up in the same tv era cause I also remember that commercial. I'm always quoting old shows or commercials. My kids have no clue. My daughter has this pink bouncy ball and right on it it says "pinky" She asked me the other day. "mom have you seen pinky?" I asked her "pinky tuscadero?" She just looked at me. I went on,"Leather's sister and Fonzie's girlfriend?" So we had to go on you tube so she was on the same page as me. HeHe, I love reliving those days. (Happy Days) Thanks for letting me go on. Mari Pearson

Diana said...

You and your mom have totally inspired me to get out my yo-yo maker and stitch up a batch of yo-yos. I bought it a few years ago, but never used it...until now. If you see your mom this weekend, can you tell her how much inspiration she's given me? First was a while ago when you posted the tea towels she embroidered (that got me hooked on stitching), and now the yo-yos. Have a great weekend, and thank you to both of you, so much!

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