August 3, 2010

Dining Alfresco Style

Oh boy, I love these photos below. Heather Bullard has inspired me with her posts about dining alfresco style. It's all about dining outside......but unlike the BBQ-ing that we're used to, instead the food is easily prepared and just layed out on the table. Heather suggests that you keep a tray or basket nearby with plates and silverware so that you can haul everything outside easily. Love!
And just like Heather, I have an old watering tub like this one. The floating flowers are darling and so simple. Just pick a few from the gardens.
Or maybe I could turn the tub upside down and use it as a table like in the photo below.
Just wanted to share this fun dining concept. I think one of my Pretty Place Settings would be perfect for the baskets to have on hand.
Here's an article about dining alfresco style....HERE.

HERE are some recipes for entertaining outside.

HERE is a book you might like to check out.

A yummy bean salad recipe HERE.

More yummy recipes HERE from Food Network.



Patti said...

Beautiful Michelle! Thats makes me want to bring my breakfast right outside to eat! It was great seeing you guys at the CHA show on Friday! Your booth was amazing- love everything I got!!!

jan said...

Hi Michelle,

Just want to wish you the best as you have your surgery tomorrow.
I love reading your blog - it's part of my morning ritual, but will understand if you are out of commission for a bit. Hope all goes smoothly!

Cathy Weber said...

I'll miss reading your blog for a while while you recoup. Good luck tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you.

Anne said...

Outside entertaining sounds like so much fun! The pictures are almost enough to inspire me to if I only had a backyard like those:)

I'll be thinking of you tomorrow. God Bless you as you have your surgery.

Donna K said...

what an inviting scene. I want to be invited to that party - I bet she's serving tasty food. good luck to you. maybe you'll have time to visit other people's blogs for a change as you recouperate - instead of being the one who has to come up with all the wonderful ideas.

Anonymous said...

Dear Michelle,

Just wanted to wish you good luck on your surgery...hope you have a speedy recovery.

I wanted to meet you at CHA last week!!! I was helping at a booth and during free time, longing for all the fun new products, I looked for you (kinda felt like a stalker)! "People" said you were there!! Unfortunately, I couldn't stay in Chicago past Thursday....would love to have visited/shopped the PTI booth!

Well, thanks for all your're so creative.

Take care, Stephanie

patriciad said...

Good luck with your surgery, Mish. You'll feel like a new woman in no time and be sooo glad you had it done. Wish I could bring you some chicken soup ;-)

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