October 26, 2008

Creating Keepsakes Becky Higgins Font

If you like the handwritten looking script font I use for my recipe cards, here's the link to get the font for FREE. This link will take you to Becky Higgins' blog....then click on the *product* link at the top of her blog. The free download for the font will be right there. Have fun!!!

Here's the link....open then click on *products*:



leaca said...

Thanks for sharing.

lakind said...

Ok, I'm not computer illiterate, but I downloaded the file, and I'm confused on how to use it. Can you help? Thanks!

moster said...

Thanks so much! Just downloaded that great font!

Valerie said...

I just love that font! thanks for sharing gonna download it right now.

Amy said...

Thanks for sharing the font tidbit! Love it.

Lisa Foster said...

Oh Thank you so much! I've always admired your "handwriting"...thank you for sharing your little secret! (I had no clue it was a font:)
Now I can "write" as pretty as you:) Thanks again! (My thanks to Becky too for being so generous!) Your stuff is awesome, Mish! I love visiting your blog!

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