August 4, 2016

New classes, new shop items!

Hey there, I wanted to provide a few updates of some fun happenings. My class Close to Home: A Watercolor Landscape Journey starts this month, August 22nd.  You can register HERE.  The count down is on and there is a lot of excitement buzzing around for this class.  It's not too late to join in.  Details are on Jeanne Oliver's site HERE.  

Also, I'll be teaching another new class at Jeanne's studio in beautiful Colorado! If you love art, travel and the great outdoors, this class is for you.  You can find out more about the class Field Guide: A Nature Inspired Sketchbook and register at the end of that post. 

 We'll be nestled in for two days at Jeanne's beautiful home and studio in Colorado.  Fall is a beautiful time in Colorado so it will be two days of pure heaven.
 We'll learn the basics of drawing, learning from beautiful nature inspired still lifes.
 Nature will be our guide.
 We'll develop a wonderful color palette and learn about value and composition sketches.
 We'll touch on watercolor basics and learn about quick pencil sketching with watercolor washes added.
 You'll get to practice your drawing skills and learn how to capture the essence of a scene.
We'll touch on mixed media and how it can add so much to your watercolor sketches.
 It's all happening here in Jeanne's beautiful studio.  We can't wait to pamper you!  I hope you'll join us.
 If you're in need of watercolor palettes for either of my classes, I have some fun vintage travel palettes just added to my shop HERE.
 Unique and one of a kind.
If you're looking for an art adventure, I hope you say yes.  Yes to the journey.  Yes to yourself. You deserve it!


Lori Craig said...

I wish... Looks like an amazing time!

Linda Perkins said...

This sounds like my dream trip, but I am such a newbie. I am registered for your class already, but is the in-person course for beginners as well?

Sandy said...

Wow, wish i could take this class! Not in my area :( enjoy!

Veronica Roth said...

Hello Michelle, I've sign up for your landscape, close to home course and am looking forward to it. I don't generally paint landscapes in watercolour. I usually either paint in oils or watercolours on old documents (which is a different technique). I think this will be good practice for me. So I wanted to say hi, introduce myself and I'll see you in class. :D

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