March 14, 2015

Using mixed media on cards...

Hi everyone.  Sorry for the absence.  My whole family came down with the crud and we've been down for over a week.  Man, that was a bad virus.  We're on the mend though.

Recently on the Gossamer Blue blog I shared a fun way to add a little mixed media look to some cards. I started out with these products from the March release.  
This shimmery cardstock was in a kit too and I love how it shimmers.  I typed my card sentiments on some scraps.
I prepared my card fronts to see where my sentiment pieces would be placed.
My mixed media of choice today is modeling paste.  It's thick like frosting or toothpaste and I like to use a palette knife when working with this medium.  Spread out a dab like frosting then scrape up a bit onto the palette knife.
Spread it onto the paper making uneven swipes.  You don't want your layers too thick because they will take longer to dry and will warp your paper more.  I like to use a tea towel and iron over my finished pieces to flatten them out a bit.
Let dry and assemble cards.
You'll have some unique cards with a textured, artsy look about them.
I also used some watercolor on the envelopes then stamped the artsy stamp.
I hope you give this technique a try.  Have fun!


JeanFB said...

Love these cards, Mish! Beautiful colors and I love the texture of the paste, and of course, the extra touches for the envelopes. :)

Joann6274 said...

Really beautiful cards and like the matching envelope too Michelle. Sorry to hear ya'll have been sick but glad to hear you are on the mend!

sophie said...

I am so glad I found you through Ig!! love these cards!

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