November 24, 2014

2014 Holiday Notebooks..

It's time for my 2014 Holiday Notebooks.  Each year I make a holiday themed notebook for my closest friends and family.  I totally enjoy the process of choosing specific papers and embellishments for this project.  This year I chose papers and stickers from Adrienne Looman's Gingerbread Village collection for Webster's Pages.  I think I ordered mine from So cute and charming.  My friends will love them and have grown to look forward to them every year.  
For each notebook I included a Candy Cane clothespin and some pretty wrapping.  I'll list the supplies I used at the end of the post. 
 Each notebook has something unique to it, no two are exactly alike.
 I use Papertrey Ink lined notebooks for my notebooks.  I use two for each book.  When you open the notebook there's a notebook on each side.  I don't have specific instructions for the notebooks....I just trim my cardstock to create a cover and then adhere the notebooks inside.
 I always tells my friends that the packaging is totally re-giftable.  They can just remove the circle with their name and the packaging is good to go.
 Definitely a highlight of the crafty season, seeing all these pretties lined up in a row.  I tuck them in a basket and hand them out at a basketball game or wherever I might see my friends next.
 While preparing my Noel Notions for my holiday shop update, I was sure to keep a few of everything for myself.  When it comes time to wrap gifts, I just grab my little basket with my wrapping supplies and it's quick and easy to assemble gifts.
 I like to keep wrapping supplies in a basket at all times.  The packaging is just as pretty as the gift but it's so hard to do if you're feeling rushed.  Each one of these packages took me about five minutes to wrap.  So fun and festive.
For my packaging I used Large White Sacks.  A tip:  Trim a piece of chipboard to fit the width of the sack.  Place inside sack and this makes for a sturdy way to tie the fabric strips or any ribbon around a sack. 
I'm in love with these wrappings kits I created this season.  I created them with mason jars in mind but they totally look just as cute wrapped around a flat sack. You can see how I used a kit to wrap a jar of jelly in this post. You'll be seeing lots more in the shop with different themes.  This one is the Modern Wrappings Kit and includes all you see below.  There's 5 of everything so you get 5 different wrappings for mason jars, sacks, etc.  So for this kit, you use a fabric strip, a doily and a tag.  
 This is the Vintage Wrappings Kit.  Same idea applies, the embellishments are just a little different. You can always purchase the White Doilies and tags separately in my shop.
 For my packaging I also used the Candy Cane Baker's Twine from the shop.  It's always a staple item come holiday time.
 I usually string on a few Jolly Jingle Bells too.  These are always a great hit every season...these are running low in the shop so grab some while they last.
 My favorite Noel Notions item this season are these Candy Cane Clothespins.  I hand paint the strips then add a beautiful frost.  I love these with the notebooks and use them to clip together lists, coupons and to attach to gifts with a tag.  These are also selling quickly so add a few to your shopping cart soon.
Hope you enjoyed a glimpse at my notebooks today.  There's still lots of Noel Notions in the shop, some items are close to selling out.  Thank you so much for all of your orders so far.  Orders placed up to today will be shipping out today and tomorrow.  I hope you enjoy all of your me there is nothing as sweet and special as a handmade holiday.  See you again soon. 


Unknown said...

Wish I was one of your friends. Beautiful.....

Val Thorpe said...

I also wish I was one of your friends :) I love your blog you always have such beautiful ideas and I know my friends will be grateful for that. These little bags are so cool - I need to find some and keep them on hand for this kind of thing. I always forget about notebooks but I am a notebook girl and they are so cute. THANK YOU!

Nathalie said...

This is so beautiful!! So bad you don't sell your kits overseas...
Maybe one day : )

Kellie said...

oh wow these are so amazing!

Nancy Guse said...

Hey Mish, are you putting your notebooks up for sale in your shop? They look amazing!

Unknown said...

I so look forward to your notebooks!! It would not be Christmas without them for me. I get so much inspiration from your blog and Instagram. Thank you for taking the time to post your creations and share them with us. You are truly talented. I hope your family has a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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