October 21, 2014

Tray Tuesday...creating my own little mini kits

Hey it's Tuesday....and I have lots of goodies piled up on a tray.  Perfect!  Today I'm sharing my own little mini kit I created using items from the Gossamer Blue Gramercy Road collection and some items I created for my Rose Gold Craft Kit
 I like to nestle all the little bits and pieces onto a tray so that I can keep everything contained in one spot.  If I want to move my tray around my craft room I can.  It also makes it easy when I just have small spans of time to work on projects.....I can just shop my little stash and finish a project in 20 minutes or so.
 My tray gets a little scattered looking but I know that everything coordinates and I just love to dig around for just the right embellishments.
 Little tags and stickers here and there.  It's like a little contained mess.  Probably the way just about everything in my house.
 I'll keep this tray out for a while until I deplete most of this stash.  My goal is to work from now until Christmas time and create gifts for family and friends.  I have some homemade canned goods that I want to pair up with notepads and cards and such.
 I have these lovelies close by my tray too.
 Paint if I want to get a little more artsy and some lovely ribbon, just like the colors you get in my kit.
 These are the fabrics that I used for the fabric flags in the kit.  I just love those little things and will be showing you some ideas of how to use them in a future blog post.
 For the papers, here's a little tip from me....sort through all the papers you get in kits or purchase with a collection....then turn up the sides you like the most.  It makes it easy to see how you'd like to combine patterns and colors.
 Here's my first two creations from my tray of goodies.  I always purchase notebooks, usually from Target, and keep them in a locker basket on a shelf.  Once in a while I'll dig through the basket and pull out something that coordinates with the products I'm using.  Everybody loves notebooks so it's fun to see how I can pretty them up.
 From my Rose Gold Craft Kit I used paper clips and the gold doilies.  Other items were from the Gramercy Road collection, including the stamped image, stickers, dies, paper and enamel dots.
 A fun little notebook to set out on the counter for writing daily lists.
These two will be kept in a basket that will be filled with coordinating cards and gift sacks.  It will be so fun to package these up come Christmas time.
 Here's the full Rose Gold Craft Kit.  There's just a few of these left in the shop.  Some of my favorites from the kit are the handmade fabric paperclip flags, the burlap tag and the yards and yards of pretty ribbon.
Hope you're having a crafty day, my friends.


nitestamper said...

OH my goodness!!!! I just love your presentation on all these new products. I so wanted to be like you!!!!

Connie B said...

I just purchased a kit from you in the last few days... is it this one or was it just similar?

Connie B said...

Can you tell me where I could find the pink metal rimmed tags?

Connie B said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ashley Calder said...

Love, love, love this, X1000.

Pam said...

Loving all the pink and gold. Just noticed the burlap on a plain white tag, what a cool idea!

Alicia said...

Great stuff! Can't wait for those future posts about how you use the fabric!

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