June 18, 2013

Project Life 2013.....Week 16

Today I'm skipping around a bit on sharing my Project Life pages.  I have Week 16 to show you today which uses the journaling cards I tweeked in this post.  Here's the 2 page spread which dates to a week in April.  
When I use journaling cards that I alter to suit my style my layouts seem to come together so quickly.  I just lay out my photos and then shuffle through my stack of journaling cards to see what coordinates with my photos. 
 I try to coordinate with colors in my layout but since I make an effort to keep the colors and patterns on my journaling cards all in a certain tone or color range I don't worry too much if the cards are mixy matchy.
Once the slots are all filled with photos and journaling cards, I just start working on one section at a time.  It may take me a couple of crafty sessions to finish a layout but usually 2 hours tops is my total average time to complete a weekly spread.  I just work on it 10 minutes here and there since our Summer is so busy. 

This is the insert that notes the calendar week and dates for this spread.  I love to use photos from nature because it sets the scene for the week and I can easily cover up parts of the photo with a journaling spot. 
 Here I used a photo and a 3 x 4 journaling card in a 4 x 6 slot.  I adhere both to a 4 x 6 bottom layer so that the pieces don't slide around.
 Here I used alphabet letters left over from the June Gossamer Blue kits to make note of a dodge ball tournament the girls participated in while at the school lock in.
On to the 3 x 4 inserts.  Most of my journaling cards now have photos filling up the slot totally or adhered to the journaling card.This is why I make my altered cards super simple to begin with.  I have lots of room to add a small Instagram photo + embellishments.  
 Same here...I added a photo and typewriter journaling to one journaling card and filled another slot with a weather photo.
 Here I used 2 of my altered journaling cards.  The one on the right is my favorite.  I just added the arrow with stapling, a stamped sentiment from the June Gossamer Blue kit and typewriter journaling. I added two events to one card to save on space.
 More of the same here...photos, a few stamps, journaling and the date stamp.
This is what I totally love about working with Project Life and using my own altered journaling cards.  When it comes time to work on a layout I feel like I've added that "scrappy" touch to my layout but by doing some work in advance the week comes together so quickly.  I was able to use 8 of my altered journaling cards in this spread.  And by using the base journaling cards from companies I love I'm really using up what I purchased.  That's a good thing.  

So tell me, what good things have happened while working on your Project Life pages?  I'm taking on a new attitude with my pages.....not like it's a chore to work on them because I'm behind, but rather that I love this process, I love looking at the photos of my family, I love documenting even the smallest little memory.  It's the entire process that is enjoyable but in the end....at the end of the year.....I have an album or two full of memories to treasure forever.  That's what it's all about & that's what keeps me going.  

I'm still working behind the scenes on some fun thing to come for my Project Life.  Some new calendar organization, a tour of my Project Life storage, some new topics....it's time to get rejuvenated again!


Skrapkitty said...

Your Project Life spreads are the prettiest I have seen - and I have looked at a lot over the years! I love the use of accents/embellishments without being overwhelming. Most of all, I love the way the love for your family (human and animal!), friends and activities shines through. You have provided me more inspiration than I could ever express, so I thought I would take a moment out to quit being a lurker and just tell you so!

Denise E said...

Hey there...I've been busy lately and missed several of your last posts, so I'm catching up today! Just wanted to encourage you and thank you for keeping up with Project Life. I know it's hard (as I'm very behind) and you get burned out, but thanks for keeping going and for inspiring all of us out here to keep working too. I loved your idea about personalizing the journaling cards. I'm always looking for a simple way to jazz up my layouts and am super excited to try this. So simple, and yet, so brilliant! Thanks for sharing your inspiration and your life with all of us out here in blogland! Even if we aren't always telling you so, we really appreciate you and all you do to encourage us! So, thanks! Have a great summer! =o)

Denise E said...

PS. Can't wait to see your posts about organization and calendaring...I always love your ideas about all those things! Yippee! Can't wait! Thanks again!

phonetecgirl said...

I just "found" you on Pinterest...I really lIke your style. I love looking, at inspiring layouts to get me in the mood to work on my own layouts. I don't do PL weekly but use the style to just scrap so I don't have the pressure of being behind. I love the way the style allows me to work on small sections as opposed to a 12 x 12 page.

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