December 30, 2012

Project Life 2012....Week 38

Hey everyone, I'm back today to share some Project Life posts that I've had done for a little while.  I've taken a little break from my Project + December pages because I've just been enjoying some family time.  The girls have another week off and we've really been enjoying just sitting around chatting, putting together puzzles, practicing some archery skills, watching movies, etc.  Having teenagers that actually like to hang out with their parents is so I'd be crazy to sit in my craft room when I can be with my reds.

I'll be sharing lots to ring in the new soon as we get through a New Year's Eve party with 11 kids...+ another kid that kind of invited himself.  How could we say no? Now we have snow forecasted for tomorrow night so I'm not sure how this will all pan out.  

As I've been editing some older Project Life layouts, I've been able to reflect a lot about my weekly spreads.  What I really loved, what I'd like to change, my thoughts on using kit items vs. creating my own stash of PL items, photographs, organization, etc.  I'll be composing a new post to kick off my Project Life 2013 soon.  Plus I decided to select a One Little Word so I'll be sharing a post on that too.

Okay, here we go with Week 38 of my Project Life for 2012.  This is a 2 page spread with inserts which I'll show in a little bit.  Here's the 2 page spread.  I believe I used items mostly from a scrapbooking kit, challenging myself to use a limited amount of products.  
I had a lot of blues in my photos so this kit worked well.  Volleyball season was still in full force...rooms were torn apart to be cleaned which about makes me ill looking at those photos, it was a total "back out slowly and shut the door" moment until they were all done.
Little kitties all in a row....a night at the football game.....Survivor.
My weekly dated title card insert.  I'll be changing this up a bit for 2013 so stay tuned for those ideas.  Loved the arrow Washi tape here and the strip of patterned paper along the edge.  Blank Project Life grid cards make for nice focal points on the 4 x 6 cards.
My grid labels with typewriter journaling + lots of handwriting right on the photos.  Grid Labels will be back in the shop after the first of the year.  Be sure to look for my re-opening after being closed for the holiday season.
The girls' jersey #'s using chipboard letters. They were thrilled once again that Mom needed a photo in public.  Really, Mom, hurry up!
A large manila tag from my shop for a Week in Review card with just a little Washi tape.
 Stamping on Project Life 3 x 4 cards + some typewriter journaling.  Love the stamping as it adds lots of color and interest with ZERO dimension.  Stamping is good.
 Some items from the kit with stitching.  Am really loving the date stamps with little sentiments on them lately.
Here's my 2 page spread with an insert page. I like to show you these shots so you can see how interactive the album becomes when these smaller sized inserts are added.  Love them...but am going to be careful in 2013 on the amount I use.  I'm almost needing a 3rd album and I really don't want to do that.  I'll discuss this more with my 2013 Project Life plans.
Pardon me for the phrasing on the photo in this insert but sometimes.....well, shit happens. And this week it happened about THREE times with Mr. Charles.  He turned 1 this week and we couldn't be happier that we added Charlie to our family.  But the swimming in the shitty pond for the third time about made me insane.  He'd run back to the house with a "look at me, mama!" look on his face, so happy that he got to take a swim with the cows in the ponds that were drying up and all mucky and gross.

This insert was made with a trimmed down 12 x 12 page protector that had (4) 6 x 6 inserts.  I left about an inch of space on the right to add some patterned paper and a tab.  This helps to create a visual break from the insert & the pages beneath.
Turning the page, this is the back side of the above insert.  On the right I trimmed down another Project Life page protector.  If you've followed along with my PL, you'll know that I prefer my inserts to be smaller than the 12 x 12 main spread.
 Kit items were used on this 6 x 6 insert.
 And some more on this insert.  Changing a photo to black and white here and there is kind of fun + it masks any weird colors or blurry photos.
 More typewriter journaling on a Project Life grid card + a small photo created using the Diptic app on my iPhone. Several of you have asked....the typewriter font is from an actual vintage typewriter that I use for journaling.  I just slip my cards into the typewriter and type away.
 The very back of the inserts has photos of when Josey got her braces removed.  I did a very similar layout for Jordan when she got her braces off, using the same poses when I took photos.  I like to keep the photos as the focus of my layouts so it doesn't bother me at all to have some inserts that look very "photo album" like with just photos dropped in.  I never try to use all the kit items or products from one line on my Project Life pages.  Keeping the pages more simple keeps the focus on the photos.
 A little bit of scrapping on one insert with some kit items used.  It was fun to challenge myself to use only kit items this week.  As far as the Becky Higgins Project Life core kits, my one year term is up for the Project Life Creative Team so I'll be continuing to share my PL pages but I'll be mixing things up a bit as far as products used and some new approaches.
I'm excited to get started on my Project Life 2013 pages.....and just as excited to wrap up the Christmas pages for the last few weeks of December.  The red and green has to go for a while.  :)  I'm ready for some fresh, new colors and about you?  I'll be sharing the remainder of all of my Project Life 2012 pages over the next few weeks.  Such an awesome way to scrapbook, I hope if you're on the fence you give it a go for 2013.  I also will be in need of some card stash replenishing so for all you card makers, never fear. Fun new items for the shop will slowly be making their way into my shop also.  Here's to a Happy New Year everyone!!


V Simone said...

I always love your Project Life spreads but that caption on the photo of Charlie is the funniest ever. I'm still grinning like an idiot 20 mins later.

Sue said...

I agree, the dog's birthday swim caption will keep me laughing all day!


Sherry Eckblad said...

I always love your Project Life layouts and am so anxious to see what you have planned for 2013. I did my first year this year and am excited for 2013 and starting new. Looking for new ideas for creating journal cards, The week # card and just plain inspiration. Something to take mine from boring to the next stage.

Brenda Roggeveen said...

I so laughed about your dog and his "words". Love your pages, especially smaller inserts.

Brenda Roggeveen said...

I so laughed about your dog and his "words". Love your pages, especially smaller inserts.

Basement Stamper said...

I can't wait to see what you have planned for 2013. I'm getting caught up on 2012, only about 8 weeks behind. But I'm so excited that I just bought a typewriter today and can't wait to use it for some of my journaling. Happy New Year!

Pat said...

Funny Charlie story!!! OK, maybe not so much at the time. But sure makes for a great PL photo/story. Looking forward to your 2013 PL - I got lost somewhere in 2012 but have picked it up again. So interested in your take on this year and what you will be changing in the next. Happy new year!!


I absolutely love your Project Life layouts. I would love to know where you found the green arrow washi! I am a bit of a washi nut, and I have looked everywhere I know of for it. Thank you so much for all the time you put into your blog to keep all of us diehard followers happy! And yes, the Charlie spread was a side splitter, I have 5 cats and a Sheltie, so I know oh too well the animal antics!

Carol said...

Fabulous PL pages! Love Charlie's bday swim page...LOL Reminds me when our Tex was a pup.

Happy New Year!

skcoe said...

I already knew I liked you. But now I am completely smitten. Your clean/flirty/homespun style oozes wtih personality and I'm pretty sure you need to move to my neck of the woods and be my neighbor so we can have weekly Project Life nights.

But seriously. We should do that.

I love your ideas and point of view...and tonight you've inspired me to take PL into my own hands! Yay!

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