January 21, 2012

Project Life Week 2 (January 9-January 15, 2012)

Happy Weekend to you! We have a busy day planned so I have to type fast to sneak in this blog post. Josey's BB team is playing in the championship game tonight in their league tournament. Go Lady Cats!! But for now I can't wait to share my Week 2 of Project Life with you. It's my favorite week to date. In my Week 2 PIP (Project Life in Progress) post I challenged myself to use mostly items from a Studio Calico kit + make cards with the leftovers. The cards are coming soon and I did use mostly SC kit items. I got totally scrappy and treated each insert as a mini scrapbook page. My spread is very mixy matchy but I think overall it blends together pretty well. I'm also very excited because I completed my insert pages in the same week that I got the 2 page spread done. I have lots of incomplete insert pages for 2011 because I thought I would go back and scrap those pages in the traditional method. Not gonna happen probably. I used divided page protectors this time and got my inserts done so much more easily. You'll see those at the end of my post.
Here's the left side of my Week 2 layout. I had so many photos this week that I to bypass my main, dated insert and the week in review insert. Those extra slots come in really handy when you have excess photos you want to use. I also didn't use one single 4 x 6 photo this week. I love the slots filled with those big photos but there was just too much to record this week.
There were tournaments, a party for Josey, card night for Eric, homework, lots of traveling, lots of sickies at our house + just lots of photos that I captured.
Here's shots from my 3 x 4 journaling inserts. I used a PL Clementine card on the left with typewriter journaling + an Ali Edwards stamp set from Technique Tuesday called It's OK. I used this stamp set several times this month. On the right I used patterned paper from Studio Calico's January County Fair kit. It was fun to just reach into this box knowing that I had a nice selection of items to choose from. Easy thinking. I also used some October Afternoon Flower Sack die cuts that I ordered from SC last month also. The little dog and girl was perfect for this photo of Josey and Charlie. The best friends banner was from that Flower Sack collection too and I used several these as an ongoing theme for my inserts this month.
Here I used a die cut from the kit from Ormolu. I backed it with grid patterned paper + added butterfly die cuts from the OA Flower Sack collection. The small alphabet also came in the SC kit and is from October Afternoon. It's nice to use pick 1 small alpha + 1 chipboard alpha and use those to tie everything together for my pages. Behind the butterflies I added a wadding of string and then stitched down the center of the butterflies with my sewing machine. The right uses more Flower Sack accents + alpha stickers. You'll see lots of typed label journaling on my pages today. The journaling card with "Tuesday" on it is from Marcy Penner's shop.
Here I used another Clementine journaling card + the coordinating patterned paper from this kit on the right. I love the light and airy feel of the Clementine kit and I'm noticing the look in my last few weekly layouts. On the left I used a white tag from my shop as a base for some chipboard letters that I stitched on. On the right I used small photos + an OA banner + alpha stickers. Don't forget the date stamp. Love to add that to each insert.
Here I used 2 Clementine journaling cards that have photos on them. The OA Flower Sack puppy accent was just perfect for this photo of Charlie.
And now on to the 4 x 6 inserts.Here I used a Clementine piece that has photos of my mama's famous scalloped potatoes. Does potatoes have an E? Well it does in my pages, ha. I used some Washi tape, OA accents and a chipboard piece from the SC kit from Basic Grey I believe. Funny how so many of those accents worked perfectly with my photos this week.
Here I got really scrappy with an insert that features some kit items from my new Big Cartel shop. I challenged myself to find a use for the "C" circle accent from the OA Flower Sack pieces. I added it to another white tag from my shop + a bracket from Ali's It's OK stamp set + small alpha letters. Love that Jenni Bowlin plastic flower you see on the right. That was a kit item too.
More kit items + a sticker that came on a Sonic bag + a stamp from Ali's It's OK set.
Here I used 2 photos that both have a "celebration" theme. More OA accents + typed sticker labels. I think those are becoming a mainstay on my pages. Must keep them on hand.
I used an Instagram photo here along with an Ormolu die cut from the kit. I typed right on these die cuts.
And here's my 2 page spread shown with my insert page. I used a Project Life Design G Pocket Page which will available sometime in February. I like all my insert pages to be smaller than a 12 x 12 size so that the main weekly pages can be seen.
Our little Jordy gets sick every year and has a hard time shaking it. With her asthma, every cold or flu symptom gets magnified and it's a big deal. She was down for nearly 2 weeks and is just now feeling better. It's an event that I wanted to document on it's own. I saved a Jell-O box and some prescription pieces for memorabilia. Lots of label stickers with typing for journaling. My handwriting is just too big and loopy for the small amount of space I had.
I used more papers from the SC kit + a few from the Clementine collection + the same alphabet letters that I used on the weekly pages. A blank grid card from Project Life is a perfect backdrop for lettering.
Here's the back side of that insert page. We've been to so many games this year and the traveling and coordinating times with having one red in grade school + one red in high school has really kept us busy this year. I wanted to make a special page that shows the girls' biggest fans and how we love going to their ballgames.
I really love the insert pages because you can use one full page that focuses on one theme, therefore making it feel like more of a traditional scrapbooked page. I used 2 separate inserts for my chipboard stickers because I knew I couldn't fit it all onto one insert. When the inserts are added to the page protector the letters just flow from one insert to the other pretty seamlessly. The basketball was hand cut from a larger sheet of patterned paper.
I used photos of all of us that attend the girls' games + a text message Josey sent to Jordan + these two photos of the girls in action. I like how it looks like Jordan is playing defense against Josey dribbling the ball. I happy little thing that was not really planned. I used sticker letters for their names + chipboard letters that were stitched to the photos. Love adding #'s to inserts whenever I can.
Okey Doke. That's it for Week 2.

Project Life in Progress:
Stay tuned Monday or Tuesday for my Week 3 PIP post + I'll be showing some of the cards I made using leftovers from my Week 2 product picks. I love reading that Project Life has brought many of you back to scrapbooking. I'm right there with you! I know that I would never get as many photos scrapbooked the traditional way. Love that Project Life gave me a new option. I'll be answering your weekly questions in this post so be sure to leave a question in the comments section.

Shop happenings:
I'm waiting on a few new products to come in as soon as some snow clears it's way for some delayed deliveries. I have a few styles of sacks left in the shop + lots of tags that are great for Project Life, cards and more. Look from some vintage kits coming too. I found a few little trinkets at my favorite thrift shop last week and they are cute!

And now:
I have to go shut down Josey's marathon hot shower so that I can hop in myself. Then I gotta pump myself up for the big game tonight. Charlie will be home from his vet check soon too. Eric texted me that Charlie has bad gas today(just what you want to know) and really smelled up the vet's waiting room. Great. Now he's gonna be known as Smelly Dog from now on. Later friends! Enjoy your weekend.


Jennifer Levin said...

Oh, Michelle! I want to scrap like you when I grow up! ;) I LOVE your pages each and every week. They're so beautiful. Thanks for sharing your pages with us. Lots of inspiration!

shire said...

wow...I do project life,too and really really love yours!! so many little details!

rockpapercricut said...

Printer-check, photo trimmer-check, PL album-check, your blog on my computer for inspiration- check check! I saw your blog post today and I'm ready work. :) Super cute PL LO as always.

Go Lady Cats!


lam said...

love your pages. They are so full of information and super cute details. I hope my pages once going to look just like this

Mindy said...

I always get so much inspiration from your pages. I've been doing PL for a couple of years & I always get new ideas of what to add to the album or how to put my own spin on it from you - thanks! I'd love if some week you could explain what sizes you choose for your pictures, since I noticed you used all small ones this week.

Kristi McInerney said...

I'm inspired! Love your organization and style!

Debra said...

Just LOVE your pages! Hopefully as I progress through the year, my pages will get more "crafty". How do you photograph your spreads? I'm struggling to get good photos of mine.

Juli said...

Love,love, love your pages! So much inspiration! How do you print the smaller photos you put in your 4x6 slots? Do you use a certain computer program?

Tracy said...

Michelle, your work is AMAZING! Love your PL pages and you definitely inspire me to get to work! Is there a way to contact/email you with a question?
Thanks so much!

lilla jag said...

Wow, you make such wonderful pages! May I ask which photo album pockets it is you are using? I like the smaller pockets very much.

Cele Schaffer said...

Another great PL post! Hope your daughter is feeling much better...I was wondering if you could discuss the process of getting your phone pics to computer to printer and how you print them. I am getting a new i-phone 4S tomorrow and can not wait to learn how to do these instagram photos I see everywhere. How do you get them to have the white border like polaroid pics or are those usually instax pics? Can you make your iphone pics look like instax when you print them? Forgive me for asking so much-any tips will be appreciated. Go Lady Cats!

Jennifer said...

Loving you PL posts! I am wanting to get started on PL this year, but I worry about the cost of the initial investment in supplies. Are you able to share money saving tips on starting PL and how to maintain the project without spending too much money? Thanks as always for your inspiration! -Jennifer

Miriam Rodriguez said...

Thank you for sharing your PL pages, beautiful and inspiring :)

Linda said...

Love your pages!

sharon71 said...

Another great week, I am in awe about how much you 'fit in' to each week.

Anonymous said...

this is fabulous! I love all the little details and the way your "mish mash" of products just looks so cohesive. I find your work so inspirational and have finally started my First Project Life. Thanks for giving me the impetus I needed to "get real" with my scrapping. My week one is here. http://blog.scrappy-go-lucky.com.au/strutting-my-cuts-in-project-life-better-late-than-never/

Gina Drazan said...

Beautiful pages!! I love how you scrap each insert like a mini page. I want this to be my approach for PL this year. It makes the album so personal. Thanks for the inspiration. Love your work!

Samantha said...

Awesome post today, Mish! Love your pages and how you "get scrappy" with them. This weekend I got a BUNCH of photos printed AND I did my first digi page (a 6x12) that I will be inserting into my PL album. I'm so excited! I hope Josie had a great game, and as for Mr. Charlie...well, I have two Great Danes, and they can clear a room no problem on a gassy day. LOL!

Melanie said...

Love your spread this week Mish... I don't do Project Life, but am doing a PL-like approach to my scrapping this year, with just traditional double spreads documenting a week/month in time (without the pockets). I really love how this one came together and you might say mixy-matchy, but I reckon it's the most co-ordinated-looking one yet. Well done! You are my favourite inspiration...

PS. Had to laugh at "Charlie's" bad gas - something my hubby would say, and blame the poor dog ;)

Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

I love your scrapbook pages! I also get sick every Jan and usually end up 6-8+ days in the hospital on IV's. This summer, my lung specialist had me start on an Asthmanex Twist Inhaler that I use every morning. I know Jan is not over, but I ended up with acute bronchitis and for the first time in 7 years did NOT end up in the hospital. I don't know if this is something that will help Jordy or not, but wanted to share with you as I'm sure this is what helped me (along with all the other meds I have to take).

cococricketsmama said...

lovely!!!!! I am so impressed with your pages!

Umair Paracha said...

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