September 19, 2011

Mish Mash Monday....

Hi there friends. What a great start to the week for a Monday. After a fun weekend, I'm ready to get back into work mode. It's great to have a job you love, right?Today it's Mish Mash Monday.....lots going on this week in the Craft Department so check again soon. :)

$5 buck flowers.....I pick these up at my local Walmart every other week or so. Such a nice way to brighten things up, especially when the flowers outside are slim pickin's.
This girl...Miss Freckles Jordan. She just trucks along, enjoying life and everything that comes with it. She designed the fun cursive *L* logo + words for her volleyball warm-up shirt. Pretty cool, huh?
And for every cute photo of Miss Freckles, there's one like this. Seriously goofy. She sees me coming with the camera. She's ready. Goofball.
And Miss Josey Posey, puddin' & pie. Kissed the boys and made them cry. She's a high schooler now and takes the role seriously. She's got a driver's license + a boyfriend & his football jersey + a key chain *thing*. Every high schooler needs one, didn't you know? You must have a long lanyard with your high school name + a rubber ducky + some other junk on there. Oh. And a key. She doesn't drive to school. She's doesn't own a car. So we had to give her a house key so she wouldn't look like a dork with a cool key chain *thing* with NO key.
And there are not too many goofy photos with Miss Josey Posey. Notice how everyone gave me their mean girl (+ cute little Coy) football stance. Not Josey. Gotta be cool like that. Ha!
Down in the Craft Department, things are getting busy. It was good mail today with a special delivery of Studio Calico goodness. Man, there's some seriously good stuff here that my Project Life pages will love. Love getting caught up. Not there by a long shot but the process is heavenly.
It's about time to start thinking of the holidays. I've just begun to assemble a very cool holiday journal that will be perfect for Ali's December Daily albums. This year I'll be using the adorable paper line from Crate Paper's Peppermint Collection. The kit will also include brand new journaling pieces from Elle's Studio's new Christmas collection + Papertrey & Ali Edwards' stamps + lots of homespun goodness. Kits will be limited in quantities & I'll be offering a selection of kits as a pre-order item in my Etsy shop soon.
And a big thank you to your wonderful response to my new Etsy shop items. You can see this post to see all the new offerings. Many items are sold out but I'll have more goodies back in the shop soon.
Reminder: If you want the fastest news of any Etsy shop updates, *like* my Face Book fan page and/or follow my Twitter posts...links are at the left side of my blog. I post updates there first. And for those of you that friend me on my personal Face Book page....I keep that page for my personal use/keeping track of my kiddos + school don't feel neglected if you I don't friend you back. :) There's lots of good stuff going on at my fan page.

Okay, I'm outta here, friends. Back to work on the holiday journals + more crafty goodness. Check back this week. Coming up: new Project Life update + a post about my PL page process + what to do with Project Life scraps.....and more Papertrey release projects.....and more information on pre-ordering my holiday journals. Have a great weekend everyone! If you're in the neighborhood, stop by our high school concession stand tonight.....that's where I'll be working!


Meredith MacRitchie said...

Your girls are the cutest. I love the way you described your Josey... I remember being in high school too well, and so it all made perfect sense (the whole lanyard thing)... when MY Josie is in high school, I can't even *imagine* the "cool" she'll bring home (she's already such the character). My older one (Emma) so far seems more like Jordan... crafty and quiet. I love your posts Mish! :)

Valerie said...
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Heather Chabries said...

Hi Mish,
I thought I'd take this opportunity to tell you that 90% of the time lately, no, the links are not in your sidebar. For the past couple weeks or so, Google's +1 and whatever that "linkwithin" thingy is have been hanging on your blog. It is very rare these days for me to see anything at all on your sidebar because nothing is loading. If there's something you can do about it you prolly should look into it! :-) It's good when you put the links in your text so that we can get to any of it.

Other than that- I love your blog and stalk it regularly! Can't wait to see what you make with all that Studio Calico goodness. I love it when you show us what your cute girls are up to. My dd is 14 so I can relate! Have a great day.

Marybeth said...

These are some of the best years with your girls,enjoy! They are beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Brings back memories of when my three girls were all in high school together.then my son 9 years later.

amcgrew said...

I am so excited about your pre-order option for your holiday album, Michelle! Can't wait to hear the details!
Enjoy your day!


Jenn said...

I seriously can't believe Josey is driving!!!!

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