July 31, 2011

Road Trip Mini Album......front cover

Hey there friends! Thank you so much for the information on what to see near Mt. Rushmore. I got soooo many great tips on tourist spots and restaurants, etc. Keep the ideas coming, I love to read your comments.

Starting today I'll be posting about my Road Trip Album that I'll be taking along with me on our trip. I spent time adding some detail to my album + the embellishments and I'd love to share some of my ideas with you. If you purchased either one of my Road Trip Album Kits, you should have received a tip sheet with lots of ideas. By combining those ideas with the visuals from my blog posts, I think that road trip mini albums might be something really fun to try.

Of course, the album will come together on the road much easier if you do a little pre-planning at home. I started with a cover for my road trip album. I wanted something sturdy to protect my album while on the road so I cut (2) 6" x 6" pieces of cardboard from a box. I tried out my new October Afternoon spray mists and liked the results. I also inked up the edges with a white ink pad. Review on the mists: love the coverage, love the colors...however 2 of my bottles will not spray.....otherwise, great product.
Next I took the chipboard square coaster that has the *road trip* stamped on it from the kits and colored the letters with 3 different gray Copic Sketch markers. I splattered some more spray mists onto the chipboard....kind of makes me think of mud or coffee that has been spilled onto the chipboard. Definitely things that could happen on a road trip.
For the finishing touch on the cover I stitched on the tag with the cute little camper + sentiment. I added the clothespin so that I could tuck in receipts, Instax photos, etc from our first day on the road. I might even add another sheet of clear cardstock to the front cover when I'm all done.
So that's my first bit of embellishing for my Road Trip Mini Album. I think you'll love what I have in store in the upcoming days so stay tuned. I'll be showing more embellishments + a list of supply items I'll be packing up.

Note: If you're taking your Road Trip Mini Album with you on the road, remember that your trip + all the activities you have planned + the memories you create are much more important than sitting around scrapbooking. If you don't get to it, don't worry!! Make a few notes on sticky notes, slap them into your album and complete it at home. :)

Edit: forgot to add......there is ONE more kit left in my shop. :) All kits from this second round will ship out first thing tomorrow. You should have received your email from me with the tip sheet already. If you ordered a kit and didn't get your email, just let me know via Etsy conversation. :)


Sudha - Art Admirer said...

Beautiful creation dear. Luv the idea.

Ellie A. said...

OH LOVE IT! I have a little place I'm putting my album in when we leave. I took my SMASH book when we went to our last road trip and what I did was everytime we got back in the car I wrote down what we saw/did because by the time I got to the next stop I already was too excited about seeing the new site to remember the real details of the last OH and I also had neon color coded post its My Purple notes were the ones I wrote on for the moments I want to scrapbook. Pink were for the memories that stayed in my SMASH. and Blue were things the kids told me. :)

lisa truesdell said...

for the bottles that won't spray - take the top off and spray them into the sink - i found that helped w/ that brand.

love the start, can't wait to see what you make! mine is still in a pile. maybe this week?

Be(e) said...

Starts to look fab!! I'm getting very curious about what's coming next!

I had a bottle that didn't want to spray too. I ended up picking the whole with a stick pin, making it just a little bit bigger. Problem was solved! ;)

Colleen said...

Was waiting to see what you would use/do for a cover...love love love the outcome. Your coloring/shading on the stamped coaster adds so much depth. And the idea of spilled coffee, makes it ok if the album gets a little "dog-eared" on the trip. Though this is low-tech, on trips I carry a few gallon ziplocks that I can slip brochures, maps, etc. into so they are contained and not cluttering up the car/luggage/hotel room. This allows me to use them later in scrapbooking (using just bits and pieces of them or in their entirety). And sticky-notes are a must to capture those quick details (and easy to pass around the car to get everyone's written perspective every so often).
I've had the same problem with another brand of spray mist. Taking the top off and spraying into the sink is what finally did the trick for me (just like Lisa T. suggested). I've had to do this multiple times with those bottles with subsequent use...

Diana F. said...

I am so excited to be getting this kit! My summer travels are over, but I am going to Country Living Magazine's Fair in September, so I have plenty of time to get the kit and read over your tip sheet and get prepared. And having your blog posts walk us through use of the kit is even better. I have learned over the years that I am much more of a stamper, not scrapbooker, but I like doing travel journals and using my stamp supplies just makes it all come together. So looking forward to your travel journal posts, thank you for taking the time to walk us through your process.

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