June 5, 2011

Summer Sewing...Art Quilt

Hi friends. Hope your summer is going great!! Have I got something fun planned for you guys. My dear friend Melissa Phillips and I are teaming up yet again for some blogging fun this summer.

If you follow our blogs regularly, you know that Melissa and I both just swooned over Tara Anderson's art quilt. To quote Tara, she said, "with this project there were no rules, no boundaries, no directions, just creating something fun for myself!"

And that's exactly what Melissa and I are aiming for this summer. We're each going to make an art quilt.....or at least start out with the blocks....and see what we end up with. Here's Tara's beautiful art quilt below.
(photo from Tara Anderson)

This is one of the blocks up close. So many cute layers. I love the *no rules* approach.
(photo from Tara Anderson)

And so you can get a feel for my approach I'm sharing some photos from my Pinterest boards that have given me inspiration for my art quilt. Love the embroidery on this one.
(from Pinterest.....I don't know the creator but will certainly give credit if anyone knows)

And this beautiful pillow below with a row of quilted scraps + pretty fabric covered buttons.

Love the idea of this scrappy quilt made from layered squares. My art quilt might even inspire a larger sized quilt of the same fabrics.

This is a beautiful piece with muted colors and stitched on elements.

Love this piece with all the vibrant fabrics + series of words.

And this quilt done in total scrappy style.
(from Pinterest....via sewtakeahike)

Today Melissa and I will be sharing a few photos of the supplies we've gathered up for our very own art quilts. Not everything will make it into our art quilts but it's been fun gathering up supplies. This is a stash of vintage + brand new fabrics. I've come to the conclusion that I love to sew with new, contemporary fabrics + mixing in older, vintage fabrics. I want my projects to show a connection to the days of old but also add in what's new and fresh right now.
And just for fun, can you tell which floral is old and which is a brand new piece? Love them both.
Some other little additions that I've chosen for my quilt are possibly a few vintage hankies.
Lots of little trims + laces + doilies.
And just for fun, Melissa and I prepared a little care package for each other...picking out items with the colors we've chosen for our art quilts. Look at this fun stash of goodies Melissa chose for me.
The fabrics are especially gorgeous. The colors she chose are just perfect + they're tea stained too. And I swear they have the faintest scent of warm, sweet cinnamon. Soooo *melisssa* and I can't wait to use them on my art quilt.
Soooo, please visit Melissa's blog later today to see what she has in store for her art quilt. Our plan is to show you our completed art quilt blocks a little at a time over the summer. Come back on Friday, June 10th to see our first finished pieces. I can't wait to start working on mine. :)


Karey said...

I loved Tara's quilt also. So I will be waiting to see all you and Melissa do. By the way enjoyed it when you had your last do-posting event. Thanks!!!

Karey said...

Sorry that was suppose to say co-posting event (not do). Heehee!

Eveline said...

Have fun.

Lynn said...

what a wonderful idea! I love your stash of fabrics and the goodies Melissa sent you. It is going to be gorgeous!

Erin R. said...

Oh my goodness the quilts are gorgeous and I can't wait to see what you two ladies come up with.

Linda said...

It's going to be such fun watching these projects evolve. I love your collection of fabrics and the swap package from Melissa. Are you going to share with us the answer to which fabric is vintage? I'd guess the large print, but then I don't know every new line that's out there. DH would disagree. He thinks they're all in my closets! Must go visit Melissa.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see these creations. Some of my little paper quilt patterns would be perfect for this project! Let me know if you'd like more. Joyce H - Dreamer's Designs.

Cele Schaffer said...

Your x-mas 12 days posting with Melissa was something so special that I go back to it every few months and revisit. I can not wait to see what you both do with this idea! I know summer is busy too but I look forward to your blog every day. The fabrics and colors you (and Mels) have chosen are scrumptious!

Yvon (jioya) said...

I know that i will be waiting for the post from the 2 of you.
Good luck and have fun, i'm sure i will when i read your blogpost.

Hugs Yvon.

Jenniffier said...

Very interested to see what you come up with :) I like your color choices.

Crabtree Creations said...

I love just looking at the fabrics and fibers, even before it becomes a quilt! So very pretty! I can't wait to see what you do!

Tami McBeain said...

Oh my this is definitely going to be a fun series for me to follow! You two are so creative and I know your creations will be fabulous! I have just started sewing and have my first quilt all cut out and ready to sew. Love all the beautiful goodies that Melissa sent you and can't wait to see your first post!

Alexis said...

I *think* the embroidery sample is from the Inspireco blog. I know she originated it...and made one for her own birthday. If i recall, that's the one! :-)

Holly Saveur said...

Great idea..love the supplies you have choosen such sweet colors.
The Charlotte quilt is so gorgeous too..look for ward to see wath you both make!

Diane said...

What fun...I saw Melissa's post as well....now you both have me inspired to do not one, but 2...as my creative room is divided in half..(it's the old master bedroom, so a bit large)one part sewing and the other "paper"...I thinki I will do a fabric one and a paper one....I have been working for quite sometime on a few hanky pieces..thye are gorgeous! Can't tell which piece is vintage...and Ijust sold a HUGE lot of vintage pieces of fabric on Ebay...figures, I always do that...lol!

Beth Norman said...

I think it's pretty cool that you and melissa are going to team up. I hope you do things in duplicate so you both get to have a fabulous art quilt. I had no idea that these small quilts existed. TFS all the links.

Loretta said...

You are so talented. I love to see all the cool things you come up with. I haven't looked at your blog in quite some time and was so happy I did today. What an inspiration you are!

Sara said...

I love this project that you and Melissa have started. You are both so very talented. I also love that you are sharing it on blogland. I'll look forward to seeing the progression of this lovely endevor. I am inspired to start a project of my own.

Joyce across the Pond said...

Everything is so good....and I want to thank you for introducing me to Pinterest...it is an amazing site for all kinds of creations and art and design....I spend too much time browing there!

Dawn said...

been trying to find your page on pinterest ... love your stamping and project life posts.

Sharron aka Sharrahug said...

I totally love this idea after seeing it on Melissa's blog. Great inspiration photos. Thanks so much for sharing these. Can't wait to see what you & she come up with.
Huggies ~

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