April 12, 2011

Favorite Finds: Cubby Love

Hi guys. As the end of school approaches and summer on it's tail, it seems that these are some of the busiest times for my family. There are lots of practices + ballgames and our attention gets drawn to the great outdoors. That means that some of my creative time indoors lessons a bit. But in keeping with entertaining all of my wonderful blog followers, I'm implementing a new feature on my blog called Favorite Finds.

With my Favorite Finds posts, you'll be seeing a glimpse at some of my favorite things. Everything from paper crafting to vintage to sewing to organization to flowers, etc. I'll be sharing some of my own personal finds along with fun photos from my Pinterest site , the web + fun blogs. Lots of eye for sure! I'll try to give proper credit links whenever I can. :)

Today my favorite finds all start with my recent junk venture to Two Days. This is a new shop located in Topeka, Kansas that is open the first Friday and Saturday of the month. The building is absolutely beautiful. Would love to have an artsy studio here. And it's about a block from hubby's work so we could go to lunch all the time!
I never leave a junk shop empty handed and this day didn't fail me. With a new studio on my brain, I always have new storage needs in mind. I got this trio of old, wooden goodies that will be fabulous in my new room. On top is a letter sorter or something of that nature. To the bottom left is a wooden paper tray. Oh how I love these. I've shown you here on the blog how I used these for kitchen storage. (if I find the link I'll post it). My very favorite find was this wooden cubby. The owner told me that the lady that brought the cubby owned a silver shop and it housed silver pieces. I love it when you get the history behind a good find! I'm not sure if I'll hang these two larger pieces together or if they'll sit on a desk. I'll love them either way.
Now for some other cubby love. I've had my eye on these cubby organizers from Pottery Barn from some time. Two of these lovely chippy cubbies will come to live in my new craft room. They'll house my Papertrey CD cases of stamps.
(photo from Pottery Barn)

I also love these larger cubby pieces from Pottery Barn. They remind me of chicken nests we had as kids on the farm. I would love to have a row of these in my dining room.
(photo from Pottery Barn)

How about this chippy white cubby organizer that Heather Bullard spied at a flea market? She finds the best stuff ever. Love her blog.
(photo from Heather Bullard)

This is a fun idea...using glass knobs and dowels to create ribbon storage in an old wood box.
(photo from allendesigns.typepad.com)

Here's more wooden box storage that's been mounted to a wall. Would love this in my closet for all my shoes and sweatshirts. Definitely putting these on the list.
(photo from baileyhomeandgarden.com)

I'm thinking one of these old crates would look stellar next to a leather chair. And look at that pretty pillow. swoon.
(photo from blogg.aftonbladet.se)

Okay, that's it for today. I am in cubby love, how about you? Have any favorite cubby photos or links? Add them to my comment section so I can see. :)


lisa truesdell said...


Patti J said...

lol...I think we are all swooning!

mamajulie said...

I am so jealous--I've been eyeing the Pottery Barn cubbies since the first time I saw them. They seem perfect for stampers.

Carla G. said...

I'm with you...I love anything officey and vintagey (new words I just made up) - when you talk of cubbies, wire baskets and office supplies you are speaking my language!! Great finds Mish, thanks for sharing!!

LisaDay said...


Rebecca Deeprose said...

You're going to LOVE your Pottery Barn cubbies. I have ALL (not just Papertrey, though they're my favorites) and it makes it so easy to find what I need. I have a binder with each stamp set stamped and the set labled so I can grab what I need in a sec. Love your finds too!

Kendra said...

I've been eyeing these pottery bard cubbies myself- they're amazing! Now if only I had the space for them!
I checked out the pinterest site and it looks sooo inspiring! I'm waiting on my invite as we speak and I hope I hear back soon! I'm dying to get started! Thanks for sharing!

Shaz said...

We used wooden apple boxes as side tables before we had children. I loved the rustic look, but I was always worried the babies would get slivers. Now they are used by my brothers to store comics. I just couldn't trow throw out.
Great finds Mish.

Dawn Gross said...

Fun cubbies! I've been eyeing up the locker type cubbyhole system from PB for.ev.er.

Quick question - how do you set up a pinterest page!? I've tried and can't figure it out!? Blonde!?!?

Kari D said...

LOVE, love, love cubbies. I have been eyeing the ones for Copics (have not started my collection yet, I know, sacrilegious!) and now am lusting for the ones you found!

Stacy said...

Oh my goodness. I have one of those big wooden crates in my garage that was my grandmothers! I use it to store garden tools, but now that baby is moving inside! I also have an old wooden strawberry box that my grandmother used to hold her old wooden clothes pins (the pins now hold my ribbon scraps in jars) but have always wonder what to do with the box, it has a wooden handle also, so not good for mounting on the wall, right now it is holding the left over clothes pins just sitting on top of a book case gathering dust

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