December 6, 2010

12 Days of Christmas..Day 6

Welcome to Day 6 of Melissa's and Mishie's 12 Days of Christmas blogging extravaganza. We are back today with another fun post. Thank you for joining and I hope your holiday plans are coming along nicely. We got all the decorations on the tree last night so it is sparkly and beautiful in our living room.
Todays countdown theme is clever uses for BUTTONS. I think I'm safe to say that a good portion of us crafters love buttons of all kinds. I was excited to work on today's project and was inspired by a couple of new items.

First up is this stash of new fabrics I got a while back. A local quilt shop was having a big sale and I got lots of goodies. In fact, I should go back for more goodies.
This book was a real find for me. I spied it in a box of old books at an auction recently. I was pretty certain no one would find it as special as I was but you just never know at an auction. I got the whole stack of books that this one was in for a $1 or so.
It's got pages and pages of directions and splendid little illustrations of patterns and models. Totally heartwarming to me. I'll have to show you more photos another time. I love this section of the book that tells how to become more familiar with pattern envelopes.
Some of my favorite buttons lately are the white variety, especially the molded lacy looking buttons. Oh they are sweet.
And not to mention the gallons of other buttons I have in jars all over the place. I think that hoarding thing is coming into play again.
And the button cards. Simply cute as a button and they have the best graphics on them. Love. I can't bear to use these so they sit all pretty in a little basket.
So after I got out all my buttons and fabric and was totally inspired, I went to work selecting some patterned papers that would coordinate with a few chosen fabrics. I like these three patterns below. Kind of Christmas-y colors but could be for every day occasions too.
Then I chose some buttons. I knew that I could only part with a few of my vintage buttons in the lovely lacy pattern so I chose some Papertrey Vintage Buttons to coordinate.
Using a Medium Blue Parcel Tag, I cut a snippet of my fabric with pinking shears and sewed it onto my tag. I chose the buttons I wanted to use to create a fun twist on a button card. Tags are perfect for creating button cards. I also selected some Wrinkle Ribbon and vintage green lace to match.
When creating button cards I like my buttons to look like they would as if sewn to a shirt. No ends of string showing. So I use a long piece of regular sewing thread and needle to sew on the buttons. By using a long strand that you double and tie at the end, you can zig zag around the tag and not have to tie off each button. Story: This photo reminds me of when my Grandma Wheat taught me how to embroider. She would quickly inspect the front but then turn to the back of my work and check for neatness. It was equally important to her.
So after completing my button card, I went to work on my card front. I cut strips of patterned paper into different widths and adhered them to my card front. I also stamped some cute pattern piece images from Crafty Secrets on the card front.
Next, it was all about assembling my card elements.
I added a stamped Tiny Tag from my Etsy shop (sold out right now) and a Dainty Doily under the completed button card.
So pretty and dainty. Lots of elements that bring together a perfect sewing themed card.
I used some of the leftover patterned paper and Dainty Doilies to line the inside of the card and the interior of the card envelope. The inside sentiment reads *Cut from a pattern I love.* Perfect little sentiment for a friendly card.
Hope you enjoy my creation today. Be sure to check Melissa's blog for her wonderful take on buttons.

And back in my Etsy shop today: Long Sleeves, Short Sleeves, Notebook Slicks and Bookmark Slicks. I'm loving the uses you're coming up with using my packaging goodies. Enjoy!

DaNg, forgot my recipe again. Melissa and I think alike a lot. I have a fun recipe that I'm dying to try from Our Best Bites. It's so cute in the little jars and I'm craving peppermint this holiday season. It's called Peppermint Fudge Cupcakes. Enjoy!


Lori Craig said...

Super sweet, Mish...Love that book. What a treasure!

Melissa said...

ADORABLE MISHIE! Love, love, love your post today!

patriciad said...

So cute. Or should I say "sew" cute. Lovin' your button collection - I'm truly jealous!

Rhonda Z said...

thank you for your ideas, recipes, organization techniques . . . thank you for your posts!

Diane Jaquay said...

This is so pretty Mish! Lucky you finding that book. I'm not typically one to go in search of vintage books or fabric or buttons, but your posts always make me want to :)

Becky Dunham said...

I have discovered in you a kindred spirit Mish! When I go to an estate sale, I head first to the sewing room in hopes of finding vintage buttons and patterns, then to the books and then linens. I love love love this card you have made. I too have a collection of vintage buttons that I would like to craft but not sure I could part with them. Thanks so much for sharing this adorable card! And I hope some day to find a book like you were so lucky to find!

Alice Wertz said...

so cute! love it!

theCook said...

What a lovely card!

Sharon Keanly said...

Oh my goodness... you are such a talented lady Mish, just love viewing all the stunning projects you make. Sharon

mamajulie said...

Many of your treasures come from the 30's and 40's (my grandma's era), but the sewing book is firmly in the 50's and 60's era (my mom's era). One of these days I'll log on and you'll be proudly displaying a thrift shop find that I bought myself! lol! Cute, cute, cute.

Shawna said...

Perhaps I should not admit to this, but I have that sewing book. Bought it when I was, um, a new mom and have kept it all these years. Love your blog!

resmith said...

Such a fantastic project! Love the buttons! I so need to get more vintage buttons!

Nancy Shuford said...

I had that sewing book as a child. I bet it's still at my parents house! :) I love everything you do Mish!

Sally said...

I have this same sewing book! I bought it at what is called the Great American Yard Sale. It only cost maybe $2.... I thought it was a great vintage type find. I would love to give it to someone who would truly appreciate it.

Tassie said...

I love this card.... I, too, have lots of buttons... What a great, creative way to "show-off" the buttons.

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