June 12, 2008

Arnold Palmer Drink

Many of you asked so I googled an Arnold Palmer. Here's all you wanted to know about an Arnold Palmer (drink):

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An Arnold Palmer or Arnie Palmer is a drink consisting of half iced tea (either sweetened or unsweetened) and half lemonade. It is named for golfing legend Arnold Palmer and is said to be his favorite beverage.[1]
Although the beverage was created at the Cherry Creek Country Club in Cherry Hills Village, Colorado, it is particularly popular in northern West Virginia, Central Ohio and western Pennsylvania, as well as the South, but is known throughout the United States. In some parts of the South and Baltimore, it is known as half and half. In southern Ohio, particularly Portsmouth, Ohio, this beverage is known as a “Blend”. A purely cosmetic variation in which the drink is not mixed, causing the lemonade to settle on the bottom and the iced tea to float on the top, is known as an "Adam Palmer". Also if you add a splash of grenadine it is called a "Bryan Palmer".
There are four alcoholic variations. The first, known as the "Tom Arnold", consists of the original iced-tea/lemonade mixture, with vodka added. Another variation, the "John Daly", contains 1¼ oz citrus vodka, ¼ oz triple sec, topped off with ½ lemonade and ½ iced tea. The third variation is referred to as the "Dirty Palmer." This drink consists of 2/3 Arnold Palmer and 1/3 Sailor Jerry Rum. Finally, the "Hard Arnold" or "Stiff Palmer" is equal parts of Mike's Hard Lemonade and Twisted Tea (most common in the US Midwest).[citation needed]


Anonymous said...

I can't believe I am the first comment! I have been mixing iced tea and lemonade for 20 years and never knew it was a drink with a name! It's just very refreshing and I drink it all year long. Try raspberry tea with lemonade too.

Anonymous said...

The first time I ever heard of the Arnold Palmer was just this past April when I went to Scottsdale, AZ. They had a huge container in the lobby which I enjoyed sipping while at the pool. I am not a tea drinker, prefer coffee, but this was delicious.

Lee said...

Oh wow!! I never knew the history behind that!! And it started in my own State!!! It's one of my hubby's favorite drinks! Oh and John Daly? How cool!! I LOVE watching him host on the old black and white game shows on GSN!!!! I know..........I'm a dork!!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

I've never heard it called an Arnold Palmer but rather half & half a la Nantucket Nectars in Nantucket, MA.


Kristi said...

I LOVE this drink....YUMMMMM

Kristin Moore said...

Oh yes! Arnold Palmers- drink 'em every day! I had no idea the name was so well known! Thanks for the cool tidbits!

Rachelle said...

lol...funny that you got enough comment on it that you felt the need to research it. :)

DeeDee said...

COOL!!! Thanks for all the info!!! I'm gonna try this real soon!!!

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