January 5, 2008

Candy Stand Kits

Note: Since I've been posting something almost every day, be sure to scroll down to check out the latest blog entries: Valentine's Inspiration Station, Crafty Secrets Drawing...don't forget to sign up, and yesterday's Spellbinder's embossed frame cards.

Spellbinder's Help: Several of you are having with your dies slipping around in the *sandwich*. I use the Wizard machine and the plates that come with it. They are really thick and once my dies and cardstock are in place, I squeeze the sandwich together really firmly with my hand. Then I place it into the Wizard while cranking the handle. Once it gets moving through the rolling bars, it stays in place really tightly. Are you using other die cutting machines? I'll ask Ellen and my Spellbinder's friends to see what suggestions they can offer. Stay tuned, okay.

I'm so excited for today's post! I know how you all love my gift ideas so I'm happy to be able to offer a kit for you which is available at Ellen's store under Class Kits. The kit is called the Candy Stand Kit and I can't wait to give these little treat bags away to teachers, friends and family. In the kit, you get 12 cello bags, 12 candy stands, 2 sheets white card stock, 2 sheets pink card stock and enough of the polka dot ribbon to finish all 12 Candy Stands with some to spare. And of course instructions are included along with some great gift ideas. The additional items that I used are listed at the bottom of the kit so you can easily add them to your order if you'd like. The Lockhart stamp that I used is the Stamp of the Month called Tart of Hearts and I think it's just adorable. It's on sale this month only so be sure to pick that up this month for the best deal.

This little treat bag is so cute and unique. Can you imagine the look on your co-workers' or family's faces when they see this sitting on their desk or table? It will be so dang cute they won't want to open it! I've listed some packaging ideas for you below and I've got even more ideas up my sleeve so stay tuned. I hope you enjoy it this Valentine's Day!!

Treat Ideas:
Pink and brown M & M’s
Valentine themed foil covered candies, mini candy bars, gum packets, Pez dispensers
Pink Jelly Bellies
Chocolate dipped pretzels
Stacked cookies
Homemade candies or party mixes

Craft Supplies:
yardage of ribbon
Copic Markers or Glitter Pens
Stacks of embellishments in jars (Dew Drops, eyelets, brads, etc)

Fun Items:
Hair bands, ribbons, barrettes
Pencils and erasers


Pam Speidel said...

FANTASTIC little gift idea! I love it! :)

Theresa said...

Too cute! And, it's a good deal on all of that product, too! Really great!

QC said...


You continually blow me away!!!!


Anonymous said...

Mish, I just completed my Recipe Box and LOVE it! In fact, I want to make some to give as gifts to my stamping friends to put cards in. I think that box would be perfect for that.

This new project is amazing, so I'm heading to Ellen's store to get it ordered! Thanks so much for sharing your incredible creativity with us!

Warm wishes,

Kathy McDonald

Tom said...

I LOVE idea's for the teacher's at school! This is SOOOOOOO cute ...I love it! I have already ordered it!
Thank you so much.....Elizabeth

kerry davis said...

You never cease to amaze me w/ the gorgeous creations you come up with.

Also - I love the new look of your blog. . .

Beth said...

What a cute and wonderful gift! You do such fabulous projects! BTW- I'm not exactly sure what the "slipping" problem is with the Nestabilities but I use mine with a Cuttlebug and if I want to make a frame, then I simple include the Wizard magnetic pad that I purchased from Ellen. It actually embosses AND cuts in the same step when use (although the embossing is not as defined as it is with some of the other sandwich suggestions.) Not sure if that is the issue or not, just me understanding. Thanks for all of your inspiration!

Cinzia said...

Your works are so gorgeous!
Happy new year from Italy

Lori Craig said...

Love the new blog banner.. :)

Lori-Ann Bartels said...

Hi Michelle, LOVE your ideas once again! One thing I need to know - who made the stamp in your Inspiration Station with the 3-tiered plate of goodies? I love it! Thanks for sharing! Lori-Ann loriwil.bartels@sympatico.ca

Rhonda said...

These are just FABULOUS!!!! TFS

Kaylene said...

TOO CUTE! Just found your blog & your creations are amazing!! I have a question on the Nestabilities too. I am getting ready to buy the complete set from Ellen plus the spacer plates & the tan embossing embossing mats since I have a BigKick. Do you know if the magnetic pad works with the BigKick? I would buy one of those as well if it works in connection with the Big Kick...you know anything to help the creative process right? :oP Kaylene

CresceNet said...

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Whimsey said...

Hey Mish...do you know if the kits are sold out? I bought one last night on Ellen's site...but they aren't there today!!??

:D What a fabulous idea you come up with!!


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