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May 30, 2011

red bird thank you cards

Hi guys. Decided to do a little doubling up on some thank you notes. Josey needs to send graduation thank you notes and I need to send birthday thank you notes. Here's what I had out on the desk so it looked good to me: papers from Studio Calico, October Afternoon and/or Cosmo Cricket (?) and The Girls Paperie.
Using Medium Manila Parcel Tags I heat embossed a large thank you sentiment from Papertrey Ink using SU! red embossing powder.
Be prepared, Washi tape is my new favorite thing. I added strips to the tags for some easy pattern + color.
Using a circle punch and buttons + twine, I added a few additional embellishments to the tags. These would be great as is for little gift sacks.
But I really need the cards so I cut up papers all mixy matchy style for my card fronts.
I pulled some yellow Wrinkle Ribbon from my stash. I chose the yellow because I spied a teensy spot of yellow in the flower centers on the patterned paper. You can zoom in closer on the photo below to see.
I tied the ribbon to the tags and adhered to my card front with pop dots. Easy peasy.
Love that the tags are so easy to reach for when you need a focal point on a card. The raised surface of the embossed sentiment really helps to add dimension to the tag. The entire series of Papertrey Think Big Favorites stamps fit nicely on the medium parcel tags too.
A nice little stack of thank you cards, ready to be sent out. Think I'll go write my thank you notes right now.
Hope you enjoy! Tomorrow starts a month long taxi service for me. Josey is embarking on her new role as a freshman, with all the events and camps that come along with it. Jordan is following closely behind with all of her summer activities too. June is jam packed for much so that I had to make a weekly calendar to carry around just so we know if we're coming or going. I will be in the SUV so much that I think I need to pack a basket of things to work on/books to read while we're in between activities. Now if someone can just tell me how to handle suppers when we're out and about 4 nights a week + the weekends for softball. Here we go, folks!!!

Come back on June 1st for the Papertrey Senior Design Team post.

December 16, 2010

12 Days of Christmas...Day 10

Hi friends. We're on Day 10 of Melissa's and Mishie's 12 Days of Christmas countdown. Today we have two sspecial guests joining us. We thought Dawn McVey and Heather Nichols might enjoy playing along with today's theme...Stocking Stuffers and Gifts for Girls.
Now. You're gonna get all jumpy in your seat because of this next photo. Cuz I know you love the office supply stuff like I do. Especially markers. Especially when they come in a set of 36 colors.
Especially when they come on this cool fold out portfolio case that screams *take me back to when I was 12 and where was THIS?*
And even more so when you see a delightful rainbow of colors. When I was a kid, I would have wet my Hee Haw overalls that I received one Christmas over something like these markers. Oh how I love to collect stickers and pens. My favorite pen was one that had five colors in one. It was white and you clicked each color at a time. I know you know the one. Stuff like this just wasn't available though. I also remember making a line of perforations on paper with a needle so that I could make my own pretend checks. Back then you ripped the check off of the side and that little flap stayed in the check book. Remember those? And the stationery that was in little plastic folders with pockets. One side had the envelopes and seals and the other side had sheets of stationery. Oh! Those were the best.

Well now that I've taken you on a trip down memory lane, how about creating that same wonderful memory for our girls this year for Christmas. My girls are nuts about these Bic Mar-Its and they've requested a set of their own for Christmas. We first saw them on display at Staples where you could purchase each pen individually. I think those kiosks are no longer set up but they do sell the Mark-Its in sets like the ones I've shown. There are different sets with less number of Mark-Its that I've seen at Wal Mart too.

A story: Josey had her friend Brittney over last summer and we ran some errands in town. We went to Staples and I bought each of the girls 3 of their own Mark-Its. They got to pick the colors. We then went to Taco Bell and the girls had a great time writing all over napkins. When we went to clean up all of our trash, the girls discovered that everything they wrote on the napkins bled through and marked on the tables. It wouldn't scrub off and Josey got a big laugh when Brittney told her that the next time she went to Taco Bell that her and Josey's names were still on the table. Ha ha! Good times. That's what it's all about.
Sooo, these Mark-Its will hopefully make it into the girls' stockings this year. Or maybe under the tree if Santa brings them a big enough set.

Jordan and I love to play our own little game of Pictionary. We go through notebooks of paper playing our little game. The Mark-Its are great fun!
Josey likes to take the entire set of Mark-Its into her room.....just like any teenager, she wants to be alone...and make posters and quotes about softball and sports. She has lots of papers like these taped to her wall.
This summer for Jordan's birthday party, each party girl got a blank white gable box filled with prizes. One prize was a Mark-It that they got to use to sign each other's birthday box. Kind of like an autograph book but in 3-D form. This was Jordan's box. (You can purchase Gable Boxes from Papertrey HERE). I see that she made a color chart of the Mark-Its too. So like me. Love.
So in hopes that Santa pulls through with the Mark-Its, I wanted to create some fun notepads for the girls to scribble and scratch on. I had lots of this cute Cosmo Cricket Pixie-Licious paper, etc left over from my guest designer month so I thought it would colorful and perfect for the girls' notebooks.
I also pulled out some stickers and chipboard accents. I love to have an entire collection of something....makes it so easy to pull together a project.
Jordan likes purple and Josey likes this Chartreuse green so went with those two color schemes for my notepads. Here I've selected my Papertrey cardstock colors, my Cosmo Cricket patterned papers and cardstock stickers.
To give the girls plenty of paper, I made the notebooks double thickness. I used two White Notepads and put a strip of 1/4" Scor-Tape along the top. Then I covered that with Happy Spots paper.
I also love to personalize items because everyone loves to see their name on something. Here I've used Hero Arts alphabet letters to spell out the girl's names for tags and on their notepads. A fun tip that I use: Use capital letters for consonants and lower case letters for vowels. It gives a mixy matchy look that I so love. The die I used for the tag is Papertrey's Limitless Layers Collection.
Next, I added my base layers of patterned papers and then my cardstock sticker accents.
Oh so cute and colorful. Papertrey Vintage Buttons tied with baker's twine finish off the notebook fronts.
Here you can see the girl's names. Love.
And so that we don't have anymore Taco Bell incidents, I added a blank piece of cardstock in with the notepads. This way the girls can draw and write notes with the cardstock piece under their paper, preventing the ink from bleeding through onto the next sheet. I can add new cardstock pieces when these get all messy.
And here's the sah-weeet notepads in all their fancied glory. I used Long Sleeves from my Etsy shop so that the notepads could stick out of the top. Notebook Slicks would also work for packaging if you want to enclose the entire notepad.
I tied Papertrey Ribbon around the Long Sleeves and then tied on the glittery name tags. Oh oh I loved making these for my reds. There's nothing more fun that creating a gift for someone special. I hope you enjoyed my stories today. I hope that have fun reminiscing about your childhood favorites. And I hope you get all crafty and make something fun for a loved one this holiday season. I think I'll go play with my Mark-Its now. Maybe write Eric + Shell just like I did in high school. :) (Did you know that only people in blog land and my paper crafting friends call me Mish?....I am definitely not Mish to any of my family or friends.....I guess it's my stage name, ha!)
But before I go, I had to snap a photo of Josey's whiteboard that she has in her room. She stole this from me because *it would be perfect for her room*. She writes down each week's happenings and then draws little scribbles and pictures. So adorable. So teenager-y. Have you taken time to check out your kids' rooms lately? Sneak in there while they're at school and check out their little world. Pretty cool stuff.
We all have this whiteboard obsession at our house along with the markers. I see that Josey has also permanently borrowed my silver tray of whiteboard markers too. Maybe Santa needs to bring everyone their own whiteboard markers too. :)
I have fun ideas to share with you about how to use your whiteboards for homework, chores, lists,etc.....and a little bit how color evokes learning in kids. I'll share that post on another day.

Be sure to check out Melissa's and Dawn's and Heather's posts today too. I know they have something girly and cute up their sleeves. :) Thanks for stopping by today!

Now for my recipe today. Pioneer Woman has a section under her recipes called Cowgirl Food...totally fitting for today's girly post. I am going to try my hand at these chocolate truffles...oh how I love truffles. And with sea salt...yum.

(Photo courtesy of Pioneer Woman)

November 20, 2010

Cosmo Cricket..projects for kids

Happy Weekend. Today I have a fun post that involves the kiddos. As you all know Jordan loves to craft with me. So it was very fitting that I invite her to create some projects for this Saturday's Cosmo Cricket Challenge.....projects for kids.

I think when you're involving kids with your crafting, it's important to set out a small grouping of supplies. This helps them from becoming too overwhelmed....and making a disaster in your craft room. :) I chose to use Cosmo Cricket's cute Pixie-Licious line of papers and stickers because Jordan loves little fairies and flowers. I went ahead and cut up an entire sheet of the long border strips for with the idea of making some book marks for her school friends. I also added in some Papertrey ribbon, a Papertrey sentiment stamped on patterned paper then added to a Small Metal Tag, some Papertrey buttons, Cosmo Cricket letter stickers and a few Avery labels. I arranged all of the supplies on a tray so Jordy could craft on the big ottoman while watching tv and chillaxin'.
I made a sample bookmark so she could have a few ideas ahead of time. It's always good to give kids some ideas to get their creative juices flowing. This is the front...
.....and this is the back of the bookmark.
The 12 x 12 sheet of patterned paper that is all borders is a great sheet for bookmarks. The fun patterns are aligned on strips...perfect for bookmarks!
Sticker letters are always fun. Jordan used them to spell out her friend's names.
Ribbons were adhered with Scor-Tape. The metal tags were ready to stick on with pop dots.
And here is a sampling of Jordan's bookmarks. I think she did a great job. She carefully picked colors that each of her friends would like. I love that about Jordan. She thinks things through and is so thoughtful of others.
I think kids love to see their names on things too. I love that Jordan added each name like she did here with Claire. Claire is to thank for the bookmark idea. She posted on FaceBook that she lost her IPod but then found her math book because she used it as a bookmark. I think Claire definitely needs a bookmark! :)
I hope you enjoy Jordan's bookmarks. Perhaps you can get crafty with the kiddos today!

For more crafting with kids, you can see Jordan's birthday invitations she made using more Cosmo goodies. And this is the birthday card I made for Jordan, made to match her birthday invitations. Enjoy!!

November 13, 2010

Cosmo Cricket Tiny Type Stickers Challenge

Hi friends, today I have two posts so be sure to check out my Papertrey group post project too. I'm here again to share some more projects using Cosmo Cricket products. Today's challenge was to use the tiny letter stickers. I created two fun cards that came together really quickly using all pre-made products like chipboard elements from Mitten Weather, the small letter stickers and items from my Etsy shop.
Both my card sizes measure 4.25" square. I love this fun little size for cards once in a while. On this card, I used the sticker letters to spell out a favorite sentiment of mine that I use with mittens and mugs, etc. I embellished a pair of purple chipboard mittens with tiny red ric rac and some glitter. These rest on a stitched purple tag that matches the Mitten Weather colors nicely. That extra stitching on the tag really ties in with the homespun feel that you think of with mittens and winter snuggly items.
My background paper and scalloped circle punch were created with Mitten Weather patterned paper. The top of my card features a Dainty Doily that has been folded over the top of the card fold. The clothespin accent features a Small Clothespin adorned with a purple button and tied with baker's twine.
For the card sentiment, I used red letter stickers to spell out a heartfelt greeting. I like to apply these in a *not so straight* fashion....nice and vertical but a little above and below an imaginary line. I love the look of little sticker letters. My best tip is to keep all your letter stickers in one folder and mix and match them when you start to run out of letters. You get kind of a ransom note look that is oh so fun.
My next project is a whimsical little number featuring a quirky Santa chipboard element and a note to Santa that I tucked inside a coin envelope.
I fancied up Santa with a pom pom hat, a tied jingle bell and a little snippet of red ric rac. His little grin just cracks me up. He acts as a tent topper of sorts, if you are familiar with that style of card that I make. Another Dainty Doily was used on the fold of this card as well as some green and red Mitten Weather patterned paper for the card front.
For my note to Santa, I fancied up a coin envelope with more letter stickers, another clothespin accent, a glittered star and some Martha Stewart glitter on the envelope edge to resemble snow.
Here's the best part of this card, all tucked inside the envelope. I created a message to Santa that perhaps wasn't meant to be seen by everyone else. I think some one's been a little bit naughty. Using letter stickers, you can create any type of sentiment you want. For my tag, I used a red tag and layered it with a piece of vintage ledger paper. Another small sticker was used to point the direction the tag pulls out. A chipboard mitten was tied to the tag with baker's twine and piece of green vintage lace. Definitely a card that I could recreate for my ornery little nieces and nephews. I'm sure their parents would get a kick out of these.
Hope you enjoyed my projects today. Be sure to check the Cosmo Cricket blog for more fun ideas using the small letter stickers from the Design Team. If you would like to recreate my cards, I used a bunch of fun goodies from my Winter Crafting Kit...there are just a handful left. All of the items in this kit will coordinate well with Cosmo's Mitten Weather line of papers and embellishments.
Hope you're having a great weekend! I can feel that winter is drawing's been rainy and cold.....perfect weather for lighting a fire....playing Yahtzee with the girls....watching movies....our first big batch of chili and cinnamon rolls....maybe a little crafting. Mitten weather for sure!

November 10, 2010

More holiday pouches....

Hey there friends. Today I have some more adorable holiday pouches to show you...once I start making these pouches I just can't stop!
The chipboard elements, papers and stickers are from the Mitten Weather collection at Cosmo Cricket.
I also added lots of goodies from my Etsy shop like the Small Metal Rim Tags and Dainty Doilies.
All the ribbons I used are from Papertrey Ink. When I get some free time I'm hoping to list some of the unadorned Pretty Paper Pouches in my shop. They're just too fun!
You see lots of tags on my projects lately...they're just so easy to embellish and tie onto projects. I love them! For my pouches I used Medium Red, Green and White Parcel Tags. I also have a special addition to my shop this year for the holiday season...a Small Holiday Tag Trio featuring a smaller bundle of tags to use on your projects. This year I'm skipping the Walmart gift tags and will be using simple tags like this to adorn my presents.
Coming up this Saturday, I will be featuring my next round of projects for my guest designer spot at Cosmo Cricket. I'll be using lots of goodies from this Winter Crafting Kit that coordinates nicely with Cosmo Cricket's Mitten Weather line of papers and embellishments. I can't wait to show you my cute projects!! There's still a handful of kits left in the shop so be sure to grab one before they're gone. I type I am anxiously waiting for my delivery truck to arrive. I have some of the cutest items arriving today that I can't wait to put in my Etsy shop. Stay tuned! And last but not least, be sure to check Nichole's blog for the Papertrey countdown this month. Super cute stuff coming up! Enjoy all the excitement!! :)
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